What To Do If You Have A Dental Emergency While Travelling in Jacksonville?

If you are planning to travel, it is essential that you prepare, well in advance, for every possible situation. Dealing with a toothache while abroad can be somewhat challenging. 

But the more difficult questions are:

  • What counts as a medical or dental emergency? 
  • When should you call a dentist? 
  • Which dental practice or office should you visit? 

Here is what you should consider doing in the event you experience a dental emergency while traveling in Jacksonville. 

Responding To A Dental Emergency While Abroad 

No matter how prepared you are as a traveler, you can never really plan for a dental emergency. However, you can do some research in advance to prepare for how you can respond to any dental crisis should one arise.

Apart from finding a dependable local dentist, there are several actions that you could take to address an immediate or unforeseen dental emergency properly. 

Here is a look at some of the steps you should take when faced with different dental issues.


For some people, flying will cause them to experience tooth pain brought about by air pressure imbalances. This happens when air enters the teeth through a cavity, space, or crack in your teeth or filling and expands due to pressure changes when flying. This form of a toothache is quite common and often fades once you’ve landed. The good thing is that it only affects pre-existing problems.

If you experience tooth pain while flying and it does not go away once you’ve landed, rinse your mouth with some mouthwash and consider using floss to dislodge anything that could be stuck in between your teeth. 

You could also take some painkillers to quell the pain. 

However, if pain still lingers and you cannot wait until you get back home for a fix, then it is imperative that you see a dentist. 

Cracked or Broken Teeth

Cracking or breaking a tooth is an emergency that will require immediate action. 

Rinse your mouth with some mouthwash to sanitize and place a cold compress on the cheek to suppress swelling. 

It is imperative that you find and visit the nearest emergency room or dentist and go for treatment. If you're visiting in the Jacksonville area we recommend visiting Farnham Dentistry. They're conveniently located off of I295 and offer amazing dental services!

A Dislodged Tooth

If you have a tooth knocked out or dislodged, follow the following steps:

  1. Hold the tooth or teeth by the crown 
  2. Rinse the tooth’s root if it is dirty, do not place it in a cloth or touch the tissue fragments 
  3. Hold it by the socket or transport it in a cup of milk and visit a dentist immediately. It is essential that you respond within 30 minutes for better chances of saving the tooth. 

Finding a Professional Dentist While Traveling Abroad

The great thing is that there are plenty of certified dentists in Jacksonville and other major cities or towns in countries around the world. As such, finding a professional who can handle your issue should not be that complicated. However, it is vital that you do some research about your destination to see if there are reliable and dependable dentists or hospitals near where you will be vacationing.

If you took up travel insurance, then make sure that you call your provider as soon as possible and ask for referrals to nearby dentists who accept your coverage. 

If you hadn’t prepared for a dental emergency, consider speaking with the hotel concierge and asking for recommendations. 

Alternatively, you could call your country’s Consulate or Embassy or contact the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers and request local dentists recommendations to find a practice or practitioner who can professionally treat your emergency. 

Dental emergencies can be scary especially when you are traveling abroad. However, with some planning and initiative, you can still take care of your teeth before you head back home as long as you know the steps to take when disaster strikes.